Hi Moms and Dads=)

I made this site so you can better understand who I am and what I can offer to you as an Nanny! Growing up, I was always the "go to niece" to watch and care for my younger cousins. I began working as a Nanny when I moved to San Diego and I love working with children. I feel being around children keeps you young at heart! Safety for your child is always my number one priority! I am responsible, mature and loving. I also consider myself a nurturing individual. I never lose my temper or raise my voice, and can deal with all issues in an appropriate fashion. I communicate well with children with kindness, empathy and dignity while maintaining discipline to parent's standards. I am fond of dogs and cats. I like to read, go to the beach, bake and exercise. I would love to get to know your family! Call(619)988-2828